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From the stock of well figured highest quality rosewood to the packing process, All products are designed, engineered,  manufactured & packed to strict quality standards, and are inspected numerous times during the manufacturing process, including a final inspection prior to packaging for shipment. To guarantee the quality of your furniture before it’s delivered to your destination, each piece is "checked" by our quality control department. This means it is again inspected for defects or problems that may have occurred during shipping. Any issues are then addressed, i.e. drawers/doors adjustments, polish defects, fragile sign is missing or paper marks etc.. and finally, the piece is ready to look like it would in your home.

We supply our goods & provide technical services to most of the leading hotels, banks, oil & other multi national companies in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad, We also take custom made orders on customer's requirement, If you want anything to be made specifically on your requirement, you may send us one of it's photos / sketch / drawing along with complete description and dimensions. We are pretty sure that we can make it!

Following departments are engaged doing different tasks with having a network of artisans & highly skilled workers.
It's more like a family that is working together since last 5 decades. Some of our craftsmen are working for us when they were only 20, now they are old enough to serve their grand children.

Sawing of wood
Sawing of wood has a major role in the furniture business. it is indeed most successful on sophisticated modern machineries. Modern technologies make it possible to build furniture that is more durable.

Seasoning of wood
One of our technical departments is working 7 days a week to kiln dried rosewood timber on vacuumed and gaseous seasoning plants, so as solar. Moisture content is up to 8-10%. Only the finest rosewood has chosen, characterized by its deep grains and beautiful curls that form quality of wood and the look of grains at its best. If the timber is Non-kiln dried, it may have cracks, it can bend or split. Also, a well fumigated timber leave no doubts of infecting by pests & insects.

Designing of furniture & handicrafts, presenting it in a better way
The objective of furniture and design team is to help departments create a working environment that is highly functional, cost effective, and aesthetically pleasing. Our team members keep up with the changing work environment by attending classes, seminars and trade shows. We have also developed relationships with other furniture manufacturers around the world.

Owner Mr. A. Razzaq Ghouri is a hands on craftsmen with over 35 years of experience in designing and custom made projects. He also provides a full range of custom woodwork including fine custom furniture and cabinets, etc.

His sons are also participating in his business with devoted attitude and business skills.

Elder son Mr. Saad Ghouri who has done Masters in Business Administration in early 90's and since then he is committed to serve
Rosewood Furniture™ as Managing Director, taking care of exports brilliantly.
He is also monitoring
Rosewood™ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Mr. Fahad
Ghouri is a Commerce Graduate and a Microsoft Certified Professional, with having an eye in E-Commerce and serving this department successfully for past 10 years. He is Managing Director of 'Seasons of Forest' which is a sister concern furniture company in Karachi, Retail Outlet is located at D.H.A Karachi, Pakistan.

The Furniture Design/Woodworking is also the part of the visual arts, Thus designing a piece of furniture is more like fun. Furniture design is an exciting field that integrates design, craft and fine arts. We offer a wide range of quality modern style, antique, modern classic to new age & home/office/garden furniture and support it with excellent management and services.

Please explore this site and learn more about our products and services. A variety of furniture selection can be found in the our Product Gallery

Machineries are used for cutting, plaining, pressing, boring, routing, dowelling, lipping, profiling and sanding of wood. Most of the machineries are imported from Germany.

Making & Assembling of furniture on imported machineries as well as by handcrafted role is involved for handicrafts. Only the premium quality hardware is used to construct rosewood furniture, even 10 years old piece of wood!
Quality construction often sets good furniture apart from great furniture that will last for generations. It is not always easy to spot the differences. i.e. How is the back finished, it is rosewood or just a pressboard?
Is the finish applied evenly?
Are grain patterns well matched and rhythmic or somewhat random? (rosewood is well known for natural grains at its best)
Do the doors line up evenly with the frame, Are they flush with the surface both at the top and the bottom?
Are Animal Figures made with single log of solid rosewood or having joints ? no matter how big they are.
How are the drawers constructed? Do they have dovetails at the corners? Are they paneled on the bottom to allow expansion and contraction of the wood? Do they slide without dragging?
Are the crosspieces between drawers dovetailed or rabbetted into the vertical supports?
Do the chairs have pegging at the joints or do they rely on metal brackets and glue to carry the weight?
Is the tabletop or head/foot board is made of fewer, wider planks or many thin boards glued together? etc..

Since wood is sensitive to heat and humidity, floating joints must allow for expansion and contraction. For the same reason, all joints are not only glued but are held by glue and nail.
Understanding the construction and finishing of a piece can be fascinating but a somewhat technical.

Dovetail joints tightly interlock, creating a sturdy connection. Woods with minimal expansion characteristics generally are used for dovetail joints.

Tongue and Groove
The joint is so deftly constructed that it is barely noticed by the untrained eye. These are generally used as corner blocks for chair seat frames.

Mortise and Tenon
Two pieces of wood are joined at right angles. One is a rail and another is a post, or solid end panel. Rail ends are prepared on a tenoner, or cut to fit a socket, usually square, that has been cut into the post or panel. The joint is glued.

This joint performs a function similar to the mortise and tenon. It uses a wood or composition peg which fits into borings to join the two pieces of wood.

Used frequently on bonded case and table tops, miter joints connect pieces of wood with glue, reinforced by hidden wood or metal wedges, or by wood dowels.

Butt Joint
A butt joint is typified by two pieces of wood meeting at right angles where it is most often glued. While appearing to be tight, the joint is not as strong as many others and is not used extensively on fine furniture.

A rabbet is a slot or groove in a piece of wood into which slides another piece of wood. An example is a good quality drawer. Often the interior sides are rabbetted at the bottom allowing the bottom of drawer to slide into place.

Wood carving is a form of working wood by means of a cutting tool held in the hand (this may be a power tool), resulting in a wooden figure (this may be abstract in nature) or in the ornamentation of a wooden object. The actual carving should be done with the grain, not against the grain. Our carving workers are well adroit doing different ways in detail. We have a supreme collection of carving designs that are among royal times to modern generation. On the other hand, if you have any design that you want us to carve on your desired item, We provide this facility on additional charges.
Basic tool sets for carving are:
the carving knife: a specialized knife used to pare, cut, and smooth wood.
the gouge: a tool with a curved cutting edge used in a variety of forms and sizes for carving hollows, rounds and sweeping curves.
the chisel, large and small, whose straight cutting edge is used for lines and cleaning up flat surfaces.
the V-tool used for parting, and in certain classes of flat work for emphasizing lines.
the veiner used for veining, and drilling holes. This tool is a specialized gouge with a small radius.

Brass & Wood inlay
Chiseling of wood & inlaying of brass & wood is a fine presentation of our Furniture. We offer a unique range of brass & wood patterns to be inlaid, You may have the option to choose either brass or wood inlay for your desired item. On the other hand, if you have any design that you want us to inlay on your desired item, We also provide this facility on additional charges.

Finishes are used to protect the wood by sealing pores and providing the barrier to moisture and definitely to enhance the appearance of furniture surface. A well applied finish can bring a piece to life, but it does'nt mean at all that rosewood (timber) itself is not beautiful. it is remembered by its appearance & durability!
A number of different types of finishes belong to "natural" classification mentioned below.
1 - Matt finish. (wax)
2 - Glossy. (Shelac & Oil Shelac)
3 - Lacquered spray after matt finish is also available.

French Polish : Shelac Grains + Burning Spirit + Powder Colour. (if required)
* Colours/Shades are available.

Polishing procedure : (hand spread polish)
After the piece is hand sanded, an undertone stain is applied.
Next, a wash coat seals the stain. It is hand sanded, before a filler is applied and packed into the wood pores for a smooth, even surface.
Excess filler is wiped off by hand and a sealer coat is applied.
The piece is again hand sanded to provide the proper surface for succeeding operations.
Next it is hand padded to mellow the tone.
Apply required color-mix french polish, gently by dipping the soft cotton into material, squeeze the cotton and apply thin file of the polish on the wooden surface, Repeat the process. After drying, it is hand waxed and hand rubbed prior to a final inspection before shipping.

We offer a variety of fabrics and leathers for upholstery that are new and/or available in market. You may have two options, either choose it from our collection or go with the standard design/color.
Note : All the fabrics and leathers are having different prices depending on the quality and design. You may have to pay additional charges if you choose other than standard fabric/leather.

We have over 40 years of experience shipping our goods to all over the world. We have appropriate packing techniques to insure safety and reduce the possibilities of damage during travel.
Before shipping goods are inspected by our packing supervisors to eliminate any problems or defects.
Packing material : soft thin foam, bubble paper, polystyrene, thick cart board & wooden crating.

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